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Work Samples

This Bail Project grant proposal is a longform, funder-facing document that explains a complex problem, offers a persuasive call to action, and adheres to the strict constraints typical of RFPs in the nonprofit space.

This sample showcases Nora's skill for taking complex topics and making them accessible to audiences who may not be intimately familiar with the content--a challenge nonprofits often face when appealing to a wide array of stakeholders.

Image by Josh Appel

This commencement speech illustrates Nora's ability to write in someone else's voice, weaving in humor and personal stories to craft a compelling narrative with a progressive structure that heightens the speech's ultimate impact. This sample also highlights Nora's skill for appealing to emotion.


The Dove Beauty: Inclusive Hair content strategy proposal showcases a research-based marketing strategy, grounded in a clear understanding of brand identity. The proposal concludes with actionable next steps, along with KPIs to measure continued success.

Wall of ideas

This prospectus, focused on the effect of parental incarceration on children, is a longform proposal that lays out a societal problem, offers a structured investigative approach, and includes a detailed literature review, exploring existing research on the topic. This sample demonstrates an in-depth technical approach grounded in extensive research.


The Fully Baked design proposal is a full site design plan from start to finish, detailing every phase of work. This sample features in-depth research, including the development of user personas, and connects each phase of work back to clearly identified, client-centered goals. The project also showcases clean design, presenting complex information in an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly format.


This corporate communications sample addresses a crisis through both a public-facing press release and an internal-facing memo. Side by side, the two documents demonstrate a tailored communications approach, adapting language and voice to fit different audiences. The samples also showcase the level-headed, diplomatic tone necessary to navigate PR communications.

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